Czech from zero to B2/C1

Our courses are intensive. Students are taught by Czech teachers for 4-6 academic hours each day


Prepare for any university in the Czechia

We offer preparatory classes in Math, English and other subjects. List of subject areas

Professional training takes place in the subjects:

  • English
  • German
  • Translation of texts
  • Economics
  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Social Science
  • Physics
  • Portfolio Consultation
  • Art History
Potřebné dokumenty a víza

Visa Registration

Moving to another country is not as complicated as it sounds! We provide comprehensive visa support.



We prepare students for nostrification tests for free so they can apply to university. Nostrification

Verification of a high school diploma or degree. This is an important step when applying to university.

Студенческое общежитие

Student Residence

You don't have to worry about finding accommodation. Students can live in the dormitory, which is 15 minutes away from Uniprep by public transport.

Консультации по переезду и обучению в Чехии

Relocation and study counselling in Czechia

Our consultants are happy to answer questions about moving to Czechia, preparation of documents, choosing a university, accommodation, and others.

Культурная жизнь, экскурсии и развлечения

Cultural life, trips and entertainment

We go to museums, theatres, picnics with students. We visit European cities several times a year.


Elective subjects

In addition to Czech, students take subjects of their own choice. Start earning credit for the subjects of your choice. List of elective subjects

A sample list of courses from which a student can choose:

Introduction to Sociology, Introduction to psychology, Introduction to philosophy, European history and traditions, Economic theory, History, Informal Czech, Sport,
English, German, Spanish, Czech literature and many more

Panorama with Prague Castle

Our students have a 95% success rate in state universities. More than 20 years tradition of teaching Czech to speakers of Slavonic languages.

Our programmes for the next academic year

Want to save money


Recommended for university graduates

€ 4 300

900 hours: Czech

150 hours: Speak up training



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Want to apply

Recommended for school and university graduates

€ 5 100

900 hours: Czech language

150 hours: Speak up training

150 hours: preparation for university entrance examinations in core subjects




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You want maximum

Recommended for school and university graduates

€ 5 950

900 hours: Czech

150 hours: Speak up training

150 hours: preparation for university entrance exams in core subjects

350 hours: Academic Club at the Faculty of Humanities



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All programmes are included in the price:


Meeting on arrival in Prague and the Orientation week program

Counselling for career (counselling with a psychologist)

Textbooks and online course UniPrep SyCzech

Online - support from tutor

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Are Slavic languages and Czech similar?

Here is your first Czech lesson.

Вода [вадa] – Water - voda
Окно [акнo] –
Window  - okno

Easy, isn't it? All because Slavic languages and Czech have the same roots. Thanks to this you will intuitively understand the declensions.

Of course, Czech is not just simple Slavic words written in Latin characters. But for someone who speaks Slavic, many words will learn by themselves.



Any questions?

We are here to answer your questions about moving to Czechia, documents preparation, choosing a university, etc.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does Uniprep help with nostrification?

    Yes, this is included in the price of all UniPrep programmes. We take care of the organisation of the nostrification. This is a series of tests on the school curriculum, which are taken to confirm your certificate/diploma in the Czech Republic. You have to bring:

    • Graduation certificate / Diploma
    • A supplement to the Graduate certificate / Diploma
    • Study plan (list of subjects and number of study hours).

    Two months before the tests you will receive questions for which you need to prepare.

  • When can I submit applications at the latest?

    It is best to apply before March so that you have time to get your visa and you can start studying in September. The earlier you apply, the better, but there is no strict limit on how long you can apply.

  • What do I need to get a long-stay visa?

    In order to apply for a long-term visa to Czechia, you need to submit the Study confirmation, the Proof of secured residence (you get both from UniPrep), the Certificate of criminal record and the Proof of funds (you have to arrange these yourself).

  • Which professions do you prepare for?

    We prepare students for all professions.

    •     Economics (entrance exams, math and English, sometimes a second language)
    •     Humanities (text translation and social science)
    •     technical (physics, mathematics)
    •     creative specialties (history and art theory, portfolio consultations)
    •     medicine (entrance examinations are generally in biology, mathematics, chemistry or physics)

    Entrance examinations differ from college to college; you should check with our coordinator beforehand.

  • How well do I need to know the core subjects that I want to take entrance exams in?

    We assume that you will know these subjects at school level. At UniPrep we will "translate" your knowledge into Czech and teach you topics that you did not learn at school.

    As for English, it is better to have a B1 level or higher.

Why Prague? What do our students and their parents say?
blue star
"Food and accommodation are much cheaper here than in neighbouring Germany and Austria.""Higher education in public universities in Czechia is free."
red star
"IBM, Vodafone and Delloite are always looking for talented students for internships or part-time work.
blue star
"Czechia is the world's 7th safest country. It is safe to walk alone at night here :-)
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"A weekend trip to Venice for pizza? Why not. Discounted plane tickets are only 50 euros."
Our graduates
Маргарита А.
Margarita A.


"I scored 280 out of 300 on my entrance exams. And not because I'm excellent and clever, but because the teachers at Uniprep literally crammed my knowledge! I learnt all my maths here from scratch :D".

Михаил, 2015


The administration is always on hand and will be happy to answer all your questions. The teachers are exceptionally competent people, with a great sense of humour and very warmhearted.

Анастасия, 2015
Uniprep makes every effort to provide quality education and easy adaptation for international students.

Анастасия, 2014
The UniPrep team helped me in my first and such an important year in Prague to settle in, solve all my visa and nostrification problems, and learn Czech to a very high standard thanks to great teachers who love what they do!

Матвей, 2017
Incredible teachers, great help from the administration in everything (not only studying). Compared to graduates from other language schools, I noticed that I have a better command of Czech without being a nerd myself.