Studying at UniPrep
Admission to universities
  • What study programs are you preparing for at the university?

    We prepare students for any study programs.

    • Economics (entrance exams, maths and English, sometimes a second language)
    • Humanities (text translation and social studies)
    • Technical (physics, mathematics)
    • Creative occupations (history and theory of art, portfolio consultation)
    • Medicine (entrance examinations are usually biology, mathematics, chemistry or physics)

    Entrance examinations differ from university to university - please check with our coordinator in advance.

  • How well do I need to know the subject areas in which I want to take university entrance examinations?

    We assume that you will know these subjects at school level. At UniPrep we will "translate" your knowledge into Czech and teach you topics that you did not learn at school.

    As for English, it is better to have a B1 level or higher.


  • How many different universities can I apply to?

    The number of applications to universities is unlimited. We recommend that you apply for 5-6 study programs at several universities. 1 program you really want to apply for, 2-3 alternatives and at least 1 other program which is easy to apply for (few applicants or no entry examinations).

  • How many years can I study for free at a Czech university?

    Students can study up to 4 years of a bachelor's degree (standard is 3 years) and up to 3 years of a master's degree (standard is 2 years) free of charge.

Life in Czechia
  • What do I need to get a long-stay visa to Czechia?

    In order to apply for a long-term visa to Czechia, you need to submit the Study confirmation, the Proof of secured residence (you get both from UniPrep), the Certificate of criminal record and the Proof of funds (you have to arrange these yourself).

  • Can students work?

    Yes, they can. Just remember that the main aim of the study stay is to learn the language. We recommend you to wait with the job at least until the second semester of your studies. After that, a part-time job helps you to learn the language, because of good daily practise.

  • When can I obtain Czech citizenship?

    A foreigner has the right to apply for permanent residence (trvalý pobyt) 5 years after moving to Czechia. However, every year on a student visa counts as six months. In other words, 5 years of studies counts as 2.5 years.

    After 5 years after obtaining permanent residence, a foreigner may apply for Czech citizenship.


  • What do the rooms in the student dormitory look like? Is it possible to cook there? How far is it from where you study?

    The dormitory has double rooms with a bathroom and toilet. There is a shared kitchen on the floor but you can cook in your room, e.g. in a steam cooker. From UniPrep it's about 20 minutes by public transport.

    • WiFi
    • washing machine
    • drying room
    • pizzeria and restaurant close to the hostel

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