Apply for study programs as early as possible. The best time is between September and March. This will give you enough time to get a visa to the Czechia and start your studies in September.

Our programmes for the next academic year

Want to save money


Recommended for university graduates

€ 4 300

900 hours: Czech

150 hours: Speak up training



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Want to apply

Recommended for school and university graduates

€ 5 100

900 hours: Czech language

150 hours: Speak up training

150 hours: preparation for university entrance examinations in core subjects




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You want maximum

Recommended for school and university graduates

€ 5 950

900 hours: Czech

150 hours: Speak up training

150 hours: preparation for university entrance exams in core subjects

350 hours: Academic Club at the Faculty of Humanities



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The price of all programmes includes: :

Two examinations in Czech at levels B1-C1 certified by the Czech Academy of Sciences

UniPrep SyCzech application


Online tutor support

Teambuilding with a field trip outside Prague

Cultural programme

Supervision system - regular Student Progress Reports

Meeting students on arrival in Prague and accompanying them for the first week

Trial exams for university entrance exams

Speak-Up Training (for all programmes)

The student chooses 2 or 3 subjects that he/she is interested in. The main goal is to learn to actively use Czech in practice.

  • Informal English
  • Informal Czech
  • Presentations
  • History of Art
  • Introduction to Sociology
  • Economics
  • Modern Czech Society
  • Film club
  • Pronunciation
  • Acting
  • European traditions

Examination preparation (for Standard and Full programmes)

You choose and attend only the subjects you want / need to study or that simply interest you.


  • English
  • German
  • Translation of texts
  • Economics
  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Social Studies
  • Physics
  • Portfolio consultation
  • Art History
  • Computer Science

Admission requirements:

Czech language:
Zero knowledge or elementary level

If you have already studied Czech, we will check your actual knowledge and draw up an individual programme or later arrival.

General requirements:
Student's Graduation Certificate / Diploma and ability to learn

For admission to Uniprep every student takes an entrance test on general competencies.

Czech language level after our courses:

B2 Upper Intermediate, the best students get C1 Advanced.

Students will receive a certificate of the Czech Language Institute of the Academy of Sciences, which confirms their level of language proficiency. In some universities it can be used instead of an Czech entrance exam. After our courses students will be able to understand university lectures, communicate with their Czech classmates, read books in Czech and watch movies without subtitles. It is important for us that students learn to use the language in life and not just do the exercises in the textbook."

Timetable (typical)

The wishes of each of our students are important for us, that's why we give you an opportunity to create your individual timetable.

Here is an example of the timetable of a student (Standard programme) who will be entering University of Economics to study Applied Computer Science, Faculty of Informatics and Statistics.

Czech Grammar
Czech Grammar
Vocabulary Czech
Vocabulary Czech
Czech test
Vocabulary Czech
Vocabulary Czech
Czech Grammar
Speak Up
History of Art
Listening Proficiency
Mathematics Czech
Czech Grammar
Czech Grammar
Czech Grammar
Major-profile Preparation
14:00–15:30  Speak Up
Film Club

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We answer questions about moving to the Czech Republic, paperwork, choosing a university, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does Uniprep help with nostrification?

    Yes, this is included in the price of all UniPrep programmes. We take care of the organisation of the nostrification. This is a series of tests on the school curriculum, which are taken to confirm your certificate/diploma in the Czech Republic. You have to bring:

    • Graduation certificate / Diploma
    • A supplement to the Graduate certificate / Diploma
    • Study plan (list of subjects and number of study hours).

    Two months before the tests you will receive questions for which you need to prepare.

  • When can I submit application at the latest?

    It is best to apply before March so that you have time to get your visa and you can start studying in September. The earlier you apply, the better, but there is no strict limit on how long you can apply.

  • What do I need to get a long-stay visa to Czechia?

    In order to apply for a long-term visa to Czechia, you need to submit the Study confirmation, the Proof of secured residence (you get both from UniPrep), the Certificate of criminal record and the Proof of funds (you have to arrange these yourself).

  • What study programs are you preparing for at the university?

    We prepare students for any study programs.

    • Economics (entrance exams, maths and English, sometimes a second language)
    • Humanities (text translation and social studies)
    • Technical (physics, mathematics)
    • Creative occupations (history and theory of art, portfolio consultation)
    • Medicine (entrance examinations are usually biology, mathematics, chemistry or physics)

    Entrance examinations differ from university to university - please check with our coordinator in advance.

  • How well do I need to know the subject areas in which I want to take university entrance examinations?

    We assume that you will know these subjects at school level. At UniPrep we will "translate" your knowledge into Czech and teach you topics that you did not learn at school.

    As for English, it is better to have a B1 level or higher.